Begin with the idea that whatever your mind can believe, you can achieve. What is your aim? If you can keep your aim in front of you, every step you take in its direction will get you closer and closer to achieving your aim.

I get it. For most, passing the interpreting exam is what they deeply desire. How are you preparing for the exam? To learn how to learn, what and how to study and practice, and knowing what works and does not work for you will help you achieve your aim.

Interpreting, and passing an interpreting exam, involves our physical, mental, and emotional centers. Tongue and brain need to move fast, while the emotions remain calm. How can I help you?

I have trained graduate interpreting students in Texas and federal exam candidates from coast to coast, in Mexico, and now online. You can put your languages to work for you too. Do you have faith in yourself?

Every top athlete has a coach. You also deserve a coach. That is why I would love to devote myself to helping you achieve your aim. Are you ready to work to achieve your aim? 

For information on one-to-one and small group training programs and advanced interpreting skills courses, please email Dr. Varela at or text him at 859 248 6308.