Dr. José L. Varela-Ibarra, FCCI, has been conducting interpreter training programs for over 25 years. He taught graduate interpreting and translation courses at San Diego State University's Imperial Valley Campus and The University of Texas at Brownsville (now of the Rio Grande Valley), and undergraduate courses at Eastern Kentucky University and The University of the West Indies in Barbados, where he was Costa Rican ambassador Dr. Rodrigo Arguedas' escort interpreter for a year and a half. In addition to translating and interpreting, Dr. Varela is a court qualified Spanish language expert witness.

Dr. Varela served as Standards Setter and Rater for the former NAJIT federal level examination. He has presented papers at national and international conferences. With Dr. Dagoberto Orrantia, he trained Federal exam candidates from coast to coast and in Mexico, Texas immigration interpreters, and Brazil's Universidade do Maranhao future translation professors. Since the Pandemic, Dr. Varela has published over 20 books for professional interpreters. For an up to date list, plese  visit https://josevarelaibarra.gumroad.com/   

 Currently, he conducts online one-to-one oral exam training classes and small group webinars, provides language services for law firms, business clients, organizations, government agencies, and individuals.  

Full menu of Spanish language services for legal, business, government, educational, and individual clients. Please email Dr. Varela at josevarelaibarra@spanishshield.com   or text him at 859 248 6308. 

To relax, he plays catch with a wild beast of a dog, does tai chi chih, and views a sundry mix of youtube videos late at night. 
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